First week

I have now used Regenerate -toothpaste for one week. No clear signs on my teeth, see Pic. On the other hand, I would probably need a microscope to see the potential development…


Serum used for three times

I used the serum (and the moulds…) for the third consecutive time yesterday evening. Do I feel any difference? Do I see any difference on my teeth? No.

I ordered only one kit due to price (30 £) – and sceptiness 😉 Therefore, I need to decide in two weeks’ time, if I want to keep on once-a-month routine with the serum kit. Hmmm. I need to think about it. Hopefully I could find some reviews from Internet by then…

Using the Regenerate serum kit for the first time

The teeth molds have to be prepared. 5 seconds in boiling water, dripping hot water away and then to mouth for a minute. Molds feel bulky, but I have not whitened my teeth or played icehockey, thus I am not used to have such things in my mouth.

Molds seemed small in the tray… But no worries, they cover teeth properly.

Time to fill the first mold with the serum. Easy. Then activator gel. Not easy. Mixing the ingredients in the narrow molds, sounds easier than it actually is. But I managed. First upper mold to mouth, then lower mold. And waiting for 3 minutes.

The serum + gel combination does not taste bad, it is like having very neutral gel-like toothpaste in your mouth. But the molds … They are bulky. Thankfully three minutes is a short time.

Unlike the toothpaste which is used twice a day, the serum kit is used on three consecutive evenings per month. Better plan this for workday evenings then, not for the weekend. The idea to put molds to mouth after coming home from a pub … 😀

Any difference on my teeth? Nope. But I had no expectations either. Let’s see the situation after third serum kit treatment.

Let’s start!

I was diagnosed with the tooth erosion in late 1990s. I have tried to avoid acids, etc, but during the annual check in May 2014 my dentist suggested getting dental veneers for 4 teeth. 600 € each. Ouch.

Luckily I bought Grazia magazine for my return flight from Amsterdam to Helsinki on 30th June 2014. I saw Unilever’s Regenerate -ad, did some Google searches and decided to order Regenerate toothpaste and serum kit from the UK department store, Selfridges. 10 £ + 30 £ + 15 £ for the shipment, because the product is not (yet?) available in Finland. (I also bought Oral B electric toothbrush, which happened to be on sale, approx. -50% cheaper than at the Nordic chain, Gigantti.)

DHL delivered my order on 7th July 2014, despite that the package had been opened (security screening for the air cargo, I assume), the delivery time was quick!