Let’s start!

I was diagnosed with the tooth erosion in late 1990s. I have tried to avoid acids, etc, but during the annual check in May 2014 my dentist suggested getting dental veneers for 4 teeth. 600 € each. Ouch.

Luckily I bought Grazia magazine for my return flight from Amsterdam to Helsinki on 30th June 2014. I saw Unilever’s Regenerate -ad, did some Google searches and decided to order Regenerate toothpaste and serum kit from the UK department store, Selfridges. 10 £ + 30 £ + 15 £ for the shipment, because the product is not (yet?) available in Finland. (I also bought Oral B electric toothbrush, which happened to be on sale, approx. -50% cheaper than at the Nordic chain, Gigantti.)

DHL delivered my order on 7th July 2014, despite that the package had been opened (security screening for the air cargo, I assume), the delivery time was quick!

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