Elmex erosion protection no longer available

I realised when I needed to buy Elmex erosion protection -fluid that it is no longer available. And it seems that this applies to all countries, not just Finland. I wonder what was the reason, did bloo*y EU prohibit it due to some ingredient or???

So it was time to buy another erosion protection product. I went to the best pharmacy  in Helsinki, and after careful comparison, I decided to buy Listerine professional fluoride plus. New product which is sold only in pharmacies, at least in Finland. 100% more fluoride than in normal Listerine fluids. Let’s see, how it works. 



1 years with Elmex erosion protection solution

Time for the annual dentist visit. I have been using Elmex erosion protection solution every night for one year now.

Dentist’s verdict: no change, what comes to my teeth and erosion.

After dental hygienist’s treatments: manual cleaning, sodium bircarbonate cleaning and fluoride varnish, my teeth looked amazingly whiter compared to pre-treatment status. My erosion spots have not disappeared, but all in all I am happier with my teeth’s outlook than I have been for years.

I will continue with Elmex toothpaste and erosion protection solution, plus Oral B electronic toothbrush and flossing.


2 years

My dentist gave me a recommendation to use Elmex Erosion Protection Dental Solution. I have now been using it for six months, every night. My teeth are not aching and the erosion “patches” are lighter than without any product, but slightly darker than when I was using Regenerate. Considering the price (under 10 €) and the convenience (no bulky moulds which have to be ordered from the UK), I am going to keep up using this combination; Elmex toothpaste and dental solution.


1 year

I have been using Regenerate -products for almost one year. Dramatic difference? No. Perhaps yellow erosion signs are now slightly whiter. But may be it depends on the lighting 😉

I am fully aware of the criticism towards the product, and the fact that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the Unilever ad in the UK.

I will make a decision regarding the continuation of the treatment after my dentist check, currently I have some toothpaste and a monthly kit left.

3 1/2 months

I have been using Regenerate toothpaste for 3 1/2 months now, and the serum kit for four times (in the beginning of each month). Still I cannot see any difference…

2 months

I decided to order two serum kits from Selfridges, in order to cover 2-3 months need. Unfortunately toothpaste was not available this time, hopefully just out of stock? Naturally I was disappointed, because paying 15 £ for shipment every time increases the costs of this trial.

I have now used the toothpaste for two months, and the serum kit three 3-day periods. Do I feel any difference? No. Do I see any difference? May be my teeth are slighly whiter. Or then it just the toilet lighting 😉