1 years with Elmex erosion protection solution

Time for the annual dentist visit. I have been using Elmex erosion protection solution every night for one year now.

Dentist’s verdict: no change, what comes to my teeth and erosion.

After dental hygienist’s treatments: manual cleaning, sodium bircarbonate cleaning and fluoride varnish, my teeth looked amazingly whiter compared to pre-treatment status. My erosion spots have not disappeared, but all in all I am happier with my teeth’s outlook than I have been for years.

I will continue with Elmex toothpaste and erosion protection solution, plus Oral B electronic toothbrush and flossing.


2 years

My dentist gave me a recommendation to use Elmex Erosion Protection Dental Solution. I have now been using it for six months, every night. My teeth are not aching and the erosion “patches” are lighter than without any product, but slightly darker than when I was using Regenerate. Considering the price (under 10 €) and the convenience (no bulky moulds which have to be ordered from the UK), I am going to keep up using this combination; Elmex toothpaste and dental solution.


1 year

I have been using Regenerate -products for almost one year. Dramatic difference? No. Perhaps yellow erosion signs are now slightly whiter. But may be it depends on the lighting 😉

I am fully aware of the criticism towards the product, and the fact that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the Unilever ad in the UK.

I will make a decision regarding the continuation of the treatment after my dentist check, currently I have some toothpaste and a monthly kit left.

3 1/2 months

I have been using Regenerate toothpaste for 3 1/2 months now, and the serum kit for four times (in the beginning of each month). Still I cannot see any difference…

2 months

I decided to order two serum kits from Selfridges, in order to cover 2-3 months need. Unfortunately toothpaste was not available this time, hopefully just out of stock? Naturally I was disappointed, because paying 15 £ for shipment every time increases the costs of this trial.

I have now used the toothpaste for two months, and the serum kit three 3-day periods. Do I feel any difference? No. Do I see any difference? May be my teeth are slighly whiter. Or then it just the toilet lighting 😉

Four weeks – time to use the serum kit again

I decided to postpone ordering another serum kit. Partly because the results have not been too convincing so far, partly because there were some activator gel + serum left from previous month. So today I used the old moulds and leftovers from the activator gel + serum tubes. It is likely that I manage to repeat this also tomorrow evening, but there will not be enough ingredients for the third night. 

Further to the product reviews on the Boots website, it seems that other customers are not convinced either…